Captain Cannabis® 420 YOYO -

Captain Cannabis® 420 YOYO

Captain Cannabis® 420 YOYO

It's 4:20 and you're totally baked. Now what?

Welcome to the chill-inducing, stress-reducing 420 YOYO by Captain Cannabis®! In these days of apps-for-everything a 420 YOYO is a perfect way to unplug. No batteries required!

Read all about it in the Captain Cannabis No. 3 YOYO Takes Off! press kit.

Check out the 420 YOYO in action!

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Product Details:

  • Product: Captain Cannabis® 420 YOYO toy
  • UPC: 767531521588
  • ASIN: B09HQ6L916
  • Pricing: $19.95
  • Counterfeit Poof: Each product bears a unique Transparency code
  • Concept: Epic fun and games.
  • Audience Rating: Mature.
  • Language: English but it doesn't matter.
  • Why it is important: – Companion to Captain Cannabis® No. 3 comic book* which includes stoner-friendly 420 YOYO operating instructions. (*ISBN: 978-0-9738851-9-4)
  • Statement: Unplug with a 420 YOYO.
  • Product Type: Wooden ball YOYO toy.
  • What is included: 1 x 420 YOYO, 1 x Fixed String (attached) and 1 x Slip String, 4-page stoner-friendly 420 YOYO Guide in a collectible pillow box.
  • Material: Wooden ball YOYO with 2 cotton strings.
  • Size: 2” (55mm) x 1.25” (34mm).
  • Publisher: oKee.ComX
  • Designer: Verne Andru

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