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The Captain Cannabis movie has been in development since Verne created the character in the seventies.

Back then the only way to visualize Captain Cannabis's fantastical story-world was through classical animation, keeping in mind "Star Wars" hadn't been released yet. Verne envisioned the Captain Cannabis movie in a style similar to the Disney-quality adult-themed animation he helped pioneer on Nelvana's "Rock & Rule" cult classic.

A lot has happened since those humble beginnings. The technical revolution now provides an immense palette of tools for creating super-realistic, out-of-this-world stories.

And what a story!

After years of deep research and development Verne registered the Captain Cannabis "420" feature screenplay with the Writers Guild of America. The story follows an older Hal Lighter/Captain Cannabis overcoming the odds to win the day! (Sorry, no spoilers.)

Verne storyboarded the script and posted the first chapter on www.CaptainCannabis.com as webisodes and published in the first 420 comic. The storyboards appear in the "Captain Cannabis in 420" proof-of-concept feature-length animatic linked below.

Like all creative endeavors, the story continues evolving which is part of what makes the movie-making magic so special.

Captain Cannabis creator Verne Andru - comic book artist and film maker.
Bibliography - years went into researching the story world.
420 Screenplay
420 Webisodes
420 Comic Book
420 Animatic Sequences
Captain Cannabis in 420 feature length animatic.
A-list Hollywood script consultant Linda Seger's take.

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