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News Release

"Captain Cannabis No. 1 Teleports Into The 21st Century"


Date: July 21, 2017
Contact: Verne Andru

VANCOUVER, BC: Canadian comic book artist Verne Andru kicks off his epic fantasy series with a 40th Anniversary edition of his original 1970’s Captain Cannabis No. 1 comic book. Squarely in the fantasy camp, Captain Cannabis is a rich blend of dark comedy and gritty realism artfully bound with a potent romance thread.

The story tracks laze-about Hal Lighter as he gets swallowed up in an extra-dimensional turf war over planet Earth while trying to rescue sweetheart Marion Jones from evil’s clutches. Intragalactic ‘herb’ transforms him into ‘Captain Cannabis,’ Hal’s superhero alter ego that boldly takes him where he never dared go before!

‘Coming up with the Captain Cannabis name and character was the easy part. Crafting a compelling story world with engaging characters that commands attention is really tough,’ Verne continues, ‘I’ve seen too many projects go sideways because story work wasn’t done to let that happen here. I’ve always felt Captain Cannabis deserves the best and doing that takes time.’

For the 40th Anniversary Verne wanted more than a re-issue. Starting with scans of his 1977 ‘Captain Cannabis – Roll Me Another One’ comic book, he digitally cleaned and polished each panel before breathing life into the new edition with airbrush shading. ‘When I revisited the originals after all this time I found they had this great energy, so I kept as true to that spark as possible while bringing them up to pro standards,’ said Verne.

For mature audiences, Captain Cannabis No.1 40th Anniversary is now available around the world through a growing list of sellers. ‘With today’s technology it’s almost like I can teleport the book into readers hands virtually anywhere in the world,’ exudes Verne. ‘This was impossible when I created it in the seventies.’

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"Captain Cannabis No. 1 40th Anniversary" Details:

Book Type: Paperback
Publisher: oKee.comX (April 20 2017)
Writer/Illustrator: Verne Andru
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0973885157
ISBN-13: 978-0973885156
Product Dimensions: 16.8 x 0.1 x 26 cm
Shipping Weight: 64 g


The book is available in the following markets at the indicated MSP:

Canada - 8.40 CAD
United Kingdom - 8.40 GBP
European Union - 8.40 EUR
Australia - 12.00 AUD
Brazil - 8.40 USD
Germany - 8.40 USD
Russia - 8.40 USD
South Korea - 8.40 USD
Poland - 8.40 USD
China - 8.40 USD
India - 8.40 USD
Italy - 8.40 USD

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About Verne

Verne’s career spans more than 40 years in the entertainment and marketing sectors as writer, designer, illustrator and animator/film-maker.

A self-taught artist, Verne pushes the next-level with the help of the many great people he’s worked with, particularly animation masters Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson, two of Walt Disney's wise men, during production of Nelvana’s ‘Rock & Rule’ animated feature.

Credits include the likes of Captain Canuck, Marvel and Charleton in comics as well as the National Film Board, Ikea, Hanna-Barbera, Universal and Nelvana for the screen.

Verne’s marketing and advertising work is equally impressive. For Bedford Software he created the ‘Simply Accounting’ name that he used to launch one of the most successful software brands in its class. For an encore, he branded and launched the highly successful Pigtronix musical instrument effects brand that is still innovating today.

Honors graduate in Systems Analysis and Design, Verne has taught computer, art and film related subjects at Humber College in Toronto and the prestigious Vancouver Film School in his West Coast hometown.

Verne has remained an innovator always seeking novel ways of applying technology. He was an early adopter of desktop publishing, he helped pioneer digital paint for colour styling on animated series work, and his desktop animation system continues producing a range of content for web and broadcast, including the highly successful IKEA Kid’s Club spots.

Verne resides in beautiful Vancouver, BC where he enjoys family, music and the great outdoors. For more information, please see: