Press Release -

Press Release


Date: April 20, 2017
Contact: Verne Andru


VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA: Veteran animator and comic book artist Verne Andru announced the re-release the first Captain Cannabis comic book in time with Canada’s cannabis legalization.

"I did the first comic in 1975 and have a copyright certificate dated April 20, 1977 for it," notes the creator. "It’s one of the earliest correlations between 4/20 and the culture, and it’s for Captain Cannabis. How cool is that?"

The upcoming 28 pager contains the original 16 page "Captain Cannabis – Roll Me Another One" along with a 7 page short titled "Angel," another Verne original with some art by George Freeman.

"For Captain Cannabis, I wanted to do more than just reissue," states Andru. "I did that story when I was starting out and it shows. While doing digital clean up on the scans I decided to go the distance, polish it up and publish it as a special edition."

While forty years may seem like a long time, Verne notes, "When I started this Pierre Elliot Trudeau was prime minister having campaigned on legalizing pot. That was on the heels of the Le Dain Commission report from the early seventies recommending that happen. Now we have another Trudeau. Canadians have waited a very long time for this and I’m encouraged to see the ball finally moving forward."

Published by Verne’s oKee.comX, "Captain Cannabis No.1 40th Anniversary" release details will be announced separately.

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