Press Release: Captain Cannabis No. 2 Published -

Press Release: Captain Cannabis No. 2 Published



Date: 4/20 2018
Contact: Verne Andru

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA: Hot on the success of No. 1, creator Verne Andru today announced the re-release his second Captain Cannabis comic book, "Roll Me Another One Just Like the Other."

"During seventy-seven, seventy-eight I did the second part of the Captain Cannabis story,” Verne said with the release. "It picks up from number one as Captain Cannabis spins out of control from the cosmic pot he smoked."

Verne continues, "I kept the essence of the original but redid the B-story, so it’s the same only much better. That lead me to redo the art so it’s all new. I’m super happy with the way it’s coming out."

The 22 pages of new-old Captain Cannabis story is complemented by the second part of “Angel,” a story also from No. 1 with six pages of previously unpublished vintage artwork by Verne Andru and Marvel artist George Freeman. In keeping with last year’s No. 1, No. 2 is a "40th Anniversary" release.

Published by oKee.comX, “Captain Cannabis No. 2 40th Anniversary” availability will be announced separately.

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