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Questions and Answers

Q - What is this 420 thing all about?

A - 420 is a really great adult oriented story that’s being produced as a series of feature length animated films in the classical 2D tradition. At its core is a raw and edgy story with a cast of characters that will have you rolling in the aisles.

Q - What makes it so special?

A - 420 is more than the greatest story every told – it marks an evolution in the entertainment business. 420 is an independently produced project. Being outside the system we can deal with issues and subject that are taboo in many mainstream outlets.

Q - Why hasn’t it been done before?

A - There are very few independent producers who have worked in comics, animation, the web and video games as has 420’s creator Verne Andru. This intimate knowledge of the needs of the various media allows us to create a single set of artwork that works across all the various media. As a result, 420 is a truly multi-media project that is coming out as:
  • Webisodes
  • Comic Books
  • Animated Films
  • Interactive Video Games
Q - Why is it in black and white?

A - A key part of our production process is to exploit the strength each of the media has to offer. For example, the web’s greatest strength is the immediacy. Once something is posted, it is available to everyone around the world as it happens. The line drawings that make up the webisodes are a hybrid storyboard/animation layout/comic panel. They are being posted as they are created but before the color is applied allowing us to give you the story as it is happening.

Q - So will it be in color?

A - Yes. Each builds onto the other to form a giant leap forward in the evolution of story telling. As the color work is completed, it is being compiled into a comic book format and offered for sale through this site and participating retailers. Proceeds from the sale of the comic books goes towards on-going webisode development and production of the films and video games.

Q - Why does it take so long between sequences?

A - A combination of factors. If 420 was only a comic book, the artwork would be much simpler than it is. Backgrounds obscured by characters would not be drawn and the artwork would be a single layer. But because the backgrounds and the characters will be animated the drawing task is far more complex. And at this point Verne is doing all the work himself and there are only so many hours in any given day.
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