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Fact Sheet

Origin - The idea of the storyline began in the 70’s when Andru was starting out as a comic book illustrator hanging around the Captain Canuck studio.

Copyright - He received an official certificate from the Government copyright office dated April 20, 1977 (4/20/77) for his Captain Cannabis character.

Theme - While principally a science fiction story, ‘420’ is a blend of science fiction, dark comedy and gritty realism. It’s a nod to ‘Creech and Chon,' ‘The Fabulous Furry Freak Bros.’ and ‘Fritz the Cat.’

Plot - The series is unique… it follows the adventures of a down-and-out roadie, Hal Lighter as he gets caught up in the middle of an extraterrestrial turf war over the planet Earth in his attempts to win the favor of his secret desire, Marion Jones.

Statement - 420 is about a super hero that’s about as far from politically correct as you can get.

Career - Mr. Andru’s career spans more than 30 years working in the entertainment industry as animator, illustrator and designer.

Concept - Written as a feature-length animated film for mature audiences, the story unfolds over 13 books.

Technology - The production process is leading edge. As the creator explains, ‘I wanted to create a story experience that uses the best of all modern media – web, print, games and film – not something created for one, then conformed to fit on the others.’
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