Skunk Magazine Review -

Skunk Magazine Review

Skunk Magazine – vol 2, issue 8 - COOL STUFF section, page 85

420 – Verne Signature Series

Be on high alert for this thirteen-part, non-poser, sci-fi comic book series by Hanna Barbera/Nelvana alumnus Verne Andru. Lebowski-esque rocker roadie Halburt β€œHal” Lighter unwittingly and unwillingly embarks on a Dr. Hoolie-kinda trip when a toke of the REALLY good stuff presto-changos him into Captain Cannabis. Busty barmaid Marion and oKee the alien round out the unlikely evil-fighting threesome imparted with the task of saving the world from imprisonment and subjugation. And they do it with the power of weed, man! Just like Woody Harrelson!