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High Times Review

High Times – February 2007 - BUZZ section, page 13


You think you’re smokin’ the good stuff? You’re ready to take the Sour Diesel and go head-to-head with the best of ‘em? Well, whatever strain you’ve got that’s burning a hole in your stashbag is nothing compared to the joint that the space aliens laid on Hal Lighter, the bud-bogarting roadie who stars in the new canna-comic entitled simply 420. After a chance meeting with an E.T.T [Extra-Terrestrial Toker] Hal samples some cosmic pot and, lo and behold, transforms into Captain Cannabis, a smoking superhero whose mission is “to stop a crazed global elite and their ‘machine of death’ from turning Earth into the ultimate PRISON PLANET.”

Vancouver B.C.-based artist Verne Andru envisions 420 as more than just a comic book. In fact, he’s working to turn the series into a full-length animated film. Comic and cannabis connoisseurs alike should visit CaptainCannabis.com for all the details.