Captain Cannabis No. 3 -

Captain Cannabis No. 3

Captain Cannabis® No. 3

Welcome to the launch of Captain Cannabis No. 3 and companion 420 YOYO! Read all about it in the Captain Cannabis No. 3 YOYO Takes Off! press kit.

As a special introductory offer we're offering 15% off bundles of selected product. All prices in Canadian dollars.

Titled YOYO this issue picks up the saga from No. 2 with all new story and art!

Follow Hal as he frantically searches for the cosmic joint after barely surviving a near-death-experience from his last hit. But he's not alone. Lt. Ralph Bukster is sent on a conflicting mission and it's only a matter of time before sparks fly.

Rounding out this issue is a very special stoner-friendly YOYO Player's Guide. Companion to our new 420 YOYO, you'll find everything you need to go from Superstoner to the big Chill including trouble-shooting and a host of cool tricks to amaze your friends.

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Product Details:

Author, Illustrator: Verne Andru
Book Type: Paperback
Publisher: oKee.ComX
Language: English

Paperback $9.40 - ISBN-13: 978-0-9738851-9-4
eBook $4.20 - ISBN-13: 978-1-9994783-0-8

Publication Date: February 14, 2022
On Sale Date: February 14, 2022

Book Type: B&W 6.625 x 10.25 in or 260 x 168 mm Perfect Bound
Page Count: 32
Shipping Weight: 75 grams

Table of Contents:
  • Welcome to Captain Cannabis No.3 YOYO edition! - introduction by Verne Andru

  • "YOYO" - Feature Captain Cannabis story (page 1 - 24)

  • Captain Cannabis YOYO Player's Guide (page 25)

    • YOYO Boot Camp (page 26 - 28)
      • Superstoner Mode
      • YOYO Anatomy
      • Strings - Fixed vs. Slip
      • Getting Loopy
      • Stringing Up Your YOYO
      • String Fiber (types)
      • Finger Loop
      • YOYO Buoying
      • Go YOYO (page 28 - 29)
      • Strung Up!
      • Wound Up!
      • Assume The Position
      • Backhand Toss
      • Chill Out
      • Hitching a YOYO

    • Trouble Shooting (page 30)
      • Tossing Hard Enough?
      • YOYO Wobbles
      • YOYO Won't Wake Up
      • YOYO Won't Chill
      • YOYO Spins on Side, No Return

    • YOYO Tricks (page 30 - 32)
      • Keep Truckin'
      • Forward Toss
      • Flip-da-Bird
      • Loop-da-Loop
      • Loop-da-Toss
      • Pop a Cap
      • Pinhead
      • Two-Fisted Fun
      • Bully Buster

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