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Captain Cannabis was created in the 1970's by comic book artist and filmmaker Verne Andru .

He used the character in 2 early Captain Cannabis comic books , the first registered with the Canadian Copyright office on 4/20/77. The second completes the story begun in the first book. Both saw a limited Xerox print run consistent with technology at that time.

On April 22 1999 Verne registered CaptainCannabis.com and has maintained it as the go-to source for Captain Cannabis news and information ever since. The site is similar to the ' extras ' section of a DVD where Verne posts production updates, news, scripts, webisodes, animatics and more almost as they happen, which sometimes can be as slow as molasses!

Verne continues developing Captain Cannabis into a series including feature films. Squarely in the fantasy camp, the story is a rich blend of dark comedy and gritty realism artfully bound with a potent romance thread.

It tracks laze-about Hal Lighter as he gets swallowed up in an extra-dimensional turf war over planet Earth while trying to rescue sweetheart Marion Jones from evil's clutches.

Intragalactic 'herb' transforms him into 'Captain Cannabis,' Hal's superhero alter ego that boldly takes him where he never dared go before!

The Captain Cannabis feature film "The Ultimate Hit" is in pre-production (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3027234/).

During 2006 Verne published a later part of the story in comic book form titled ' 420 '. That book introduces protagonists Hal Lighter and Marion Jones in the first of a 13 part series.

During 2017 Verne released the 40th Anniversary edition of his original 1977 Captain Cannabis story, 'Roll Me Another One' followed by No. 2 in 2018!

Captain Cannabis is published in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia Canada by oKee.comX (okee.com) and is available around the world through the wonders of technology.