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420 is part of a larger story being created as a feature animated film. As such, it was written in an industry standard screenplay format that is the basis for the webisodes available on this site.

Production of a feature film - live action or animated - is an iterative process. It's one that is continually evolving, in some cases right up to the moment of its release. Upon comparing the screenplay in this section with the webisodes you'll notice slight changes have been made along the way.

I have never worked on a project where the writer's script has translated directly to screen, regardless of how good the writer is, as is the case here. Often times what appears in the writers "mind's-eye" doesn't work well cinematically, or better ways of expressing a scenes "business" only become apparent when you can actually see how the story is evolving.

I trust you'll agree the changes have been for the betterment of the overall story and I fully expect there to be even more changes as the webisodes become animatics and the animatics become fleshed out with actors dialog and animations.

You can start with any chapter and use the forward and back buttons that appear at the bottom of the page to continue through all pages just as with the webisodes.